Ready pack

Fist of all, I learned about having a ready pack. I should take a first aid kit with me. I should plan for any weather conditions and have a change of clothes just in case. If an emergency shows up at my door the first thing I should do is find shelter, then water, and last I shouldn’t worry about food unless I am hundred percent sure it is safe to eat. I will bring some other items like a flashlight, a pair of goggles, sunglasses, etc. Some improvisational tools that I would bring is wire, twine, rope, tarp, etc. A map and a compass would be nice to. Other equipment I would bring is medical gear, a sleeping bag, a camera, and a two way radio. Some things that I should remember is to be ready. I never know what might jump out of the next bush. Be selfish- I wont give my stuff out freely unless they really need it. Be gentle- my ready pack is my home so I should teat it carefully so it doesn’t rip or teer. I should stay hydrated- I don’t want to die of thirst. Keep some things accessible- pocket items.

After learning about that, I learned how to survive mentally. I learned that the brain is the most important surviving tool. It helps you make quick decisions. Some mental preparedness techniques I learned is to keep a positive attitude, and that air is essential, also that I need shelter, rest maybe throw out a few signals, water and that food is my last priority. The mental stages of action are alarm- my brain is starting to freak out. Reaction- I pull myself together and do what I need to do. Response- my plead for help has been herd and I’m heading back home. And rest I can finally sleep in my bed again. Five ways that I can control my fear is to pray, practice, push my self out of my comfort zone, prepare, and to have a good perspective on things.

At last I have completed the week and learned about these great subjects and hope to learn more.


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