ICS is a fast acting service that deals with emergences. They have the overall commander and the operation people, planning , logistic , and the finance/administration all work for him. In ICS there are 5 management concepts. The 1st is Unity of Command and they are a recognizable chain of command. The 2nd is Common Terminology and that is stereoed code words. The 3rd is Knowing your Objectives and working toward them. The 4th is Flexible and Modular Organization that’s so the operation can grow or shrink if needed. The 5th and final one is Span of Control so that no one will manage more that 7 people at once because if you have to many people that can be to much for the one person and they can have an assistant. The ICS organization builds from the ground up. With the management of all major functions and being responsible for just a few people.


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