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**Chapter 3 Part 1***

The next morning I was woken up by Tristan yelling. I was to tired to know what he was saying so I threw my feet over the side of the bed and shoved my shoes on. I stumbled into the room were we had met the night before and saw everyone else there already.

As I walked over to my seat my feet scraped the floor. I sat down in the seat next to Amelia and let out a big yawn. Amelia giggled.

“What’s so funny?” I asked her.

She giggled again. “You have a big mouth.”

“Well, um, thanks. I guess,” Was that a complement here?

Tristan walked through the doors. “Thank you all for coming to this meeting.”

“Like we had a choice,” muttered Jake. I looked over at him across the table from me. He caught my eye and I raised an eyebrow. He just rolled his eyes and looked away.

“Anyway,” continued Tristan. “I have a task for all of you. You will be helping the ASU.” I must have looked confused because he looked striate at me when he said, “The ASU is the backwards version of USA. That was our counties name before the war broke out but since everything seems to be backwards we just switched the letters so that it forms ASU. It now spells out America’s States Un-united. It used to say United States of America.

“So your task it so keep prisoners at hand while the chief is away helping out another place. You leave in a week from today. Thank you for your time.” Then he turned and left.

“Wait!” I said getting out of my chair and in the process knocking it over. It made a loud crash. “Sorry.” I said looking at the chair as one of the legs slid across the floor and Tristan stopped it with his foot. “But what am I supposed to do. I don’t know how to hold a gun or anything like that.”

Tristan laughed. “This is a basic mission all that you will have to do is command the soldiers that work there. I’ll have Jake tell you more he’s been here the longest and he had done a few of these.” Then he opened up the doors and left.

I walked over to my chair, picked it up and set it down on the table so that its legs were sticking up in the air and the head of it was off the table.

“Come on lets go,” Jake said from behind me. When I turn around he’s already walking away.

“Wait for me,” I say and run to catch up with up with him. “Were are we going?” I asked.

“Just wait will you. Don’t you know curiosity killed the cat.”

“Well then it’s a good thing I’m not a cat then,” I said

He rolled his eyes. “Your such a child.”

“Well since I don’t remember anything I guess I could be an over grown child, but then again I could have been the smartest person ever to exists! Guess we’ll never know.”

“Any way how this works is I boss everyone around and you sit their silently watching.” I rolled my eyes this time. “What?” He asked me irritated.

“Bossy much” I snapped and turned on my heal. I didn’t even get down the hall when an alarm went off. Different colors were flashing. I looked around confused and tried to figure out why the alarms went off.

“Look out!” Jake shouted as he me right when bullets started ringing off the walls. I was about to ask him what was going on but he put a hand on my mouth to silence me. So I glared at him hoping he go the message, but he just glared right back at me.

After the bullets stopped Jake picked me back up, grabbed my hand and dragged me down the hall into his room. I backed away from him and grabbing one of the beds. “What is going on.” I demanded as he was moving one of the beds in front of the door.

“Will you just stop asking questions and help me barricade the door.”

“Fine,” I replied and helped him push the bed. “But you are going to answer my questions.”

“Of course I will,” he sighed.