#JustChill 10 ways to help you relax

via Daily Prompt: Relax

Life can be stressful at times and I know this week is going to be pretty hard. Finals week *dun dun duuuuuuun* This week can be really hard on you emotionally so here are some steps that you can take to help you relax a bit more:

  1. Yoga. You can find really great yoga classes on Youtube, Netflix, and Amazon. This just helps you relax and it forces you to focus on your breathing which leads me to my next one which is….
  2. Just Breath. Place your hands and feet flat on the table and ground (hands go on the table feet go on the ground 😉 ) Focus your breathing into your stomach. Now close your eyes (After you finish reading this one of course.) Imagine a pond. Every thought that comes into your head becomes a small drop of water. See that drop of water hit the pond and send out ripples. Remember to focus your breathing. Now do this until you are completely relaxed, but don’t fall asleep. If you feel yourself starting to fall asleep, focus on the back of your head. 
  3. Chewing gum always helps me. Feeling the gum as I push it with my tongue around my mouth just relaxes me. I don’t know I’m kinda weird so deal with it ;D
  4. Counting down by two from like 50 or 100 is another way that you can relax. It stimulates the brain into focusing on one thing so it helps.
  5. If you’re a creative person, you can write or draw something.If you like to crochet, knit, cross-stitch, sew or any other type of crafty thing. 
  6. Reading is also another way of forcing yourself into just calming down.
  7. Working out is one way that I like to relax as well. Going on a nice run, or bike ride really helps to clear your mind and help you focus more. I also like to swim and do yoga.
  8. Sometimes Crossword puzzles or Sudoku puzzles can be something that;s really fun, just don’t get frustrated over it because it will ruin the whole point of it.
  9. Stress balls are the way to go if you’re in school. It’s something that you can just squeeze all of your frustration into and then just let it go. 
  10. And last but not least Listing to Music. As long as it’s  not super hard heavy metal, music can be very relaxing. I like punk rock and all that, but slow just intramental music can be way more relaxing

Thanks for checking this out, and if you liked this, maybe see some of my other posts? Just a suggestion. Thanks for looking at this one though and comment below if you have a favorite way to relax and I can add it below (with or without your name of course).


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