Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Have you ever woke up and wondered ‘what would my life be like if no one in the world was here?’ Well that is what happened to me except I didn’t think it, it actually happened.

Here let me back up a bit and explain who I am, well at least what I can remember. I’ll explain that later to.

So my name is Clara. That is all I know. No last name or anything. Like I said later.

I can’t remember anything just what I find out about myself. It’s pretty lonely being here by myself, so to take my mind off of things I search for things that might help me bring everyone back. Or at least find out what has happened to them. I mean why me? Why am I the only survivor and what has happened to all the other people? What are the odds of everyone in the entire world dying, wait no not dying if everyone died wouldn’t there be corpses everywhere? Hmmm. I’ll write that down in my journal.

Yes, I do have a journal. But, it is not to write down my feelings and such in it. It is to help me remember what I learned and to help me find clues.

So I guess that it is the end of the world and for some stupid reason I am the only one left. I don’t know what the adversary’s were thinking. That’s what I call who ever left me, the adversary’s. So far I haven’t found out much just my name and- Maybe I should also tell you what I remember.

I woke up to light shining in through my window and I started to freak out because I couldn’t remember anything! I fell out of bed and found a mirror in the bathroom and was horrified to find out that I didn’t recognize my own face.

I ran around the house trying to find someone that could help me. I ran down a short hallway and my shoulder hit and picture and it shattered cutting open the tops of my bare feet. I fell backward in shock.

When I finally got my head together, I went to the bathroom to clean up my feet and was relived that I found a first aid kit in there. So I wrapped my feet and was on my way out the door when I decided to go back to my room and look for clues and I found some letters sent to me and I read them. That was when I found out that my name was Clara. I looked around some more, but only found an old journal that had never been used. I wrote my name in it and a question. ‘Where is everyone?’

I decided to go back and pick up the picture that I broke and when I did I found out that is was a picture of me and my family. I had a mom, and dad, and two older brothers. I brushed the rest of the glass off of it and looked on the back. It said ‘Ronda, Jackson and their three children Tristan, Blake, and Clara. March 2089’ I’m guessing that this wasn’t taken too long ago looking at my face. I wrote the names down and the year. I took the picture, found some glue and glued the picture in.

I walked out side and it was freezing. It looked like a winter wonderland. Strange, I thought, I can remember little things like Christmas and other holiday’s just not faces or other specific details like that. It’s like all the important figure heads in my life and throughout history were wiped out of my head. “Why don’t you work?” I asked myself. It was strange to hear my own voice for the first time. It was soft and it sounded understanding. But it was a trick, I am sure of it. And all this time that I was thinking I was also freezing. I went back inside and found a backpack and put some non-perishable food items in it. I also put some rope and the first-aid kit in there. I also found some bottled water and put that in there as well. Once I finally put it on my back it was heavy, but it could just save my life.

I also found some heavy coats. One of them that fit me was all black so I took that one. Then I went out the door. I traveled for a few hours until it started to snow. I found some different scraps of metal and build a little house for myself. I stayed there for the night.


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