U.S. History from 1800-1815

The main points from 1800-1815 in the United States of America was that Thomas Jefferson became president, Washington D.C. was announced the capital of the U.S., James Madison became president, and the war of 1812 took place.

Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States of America from 1800-1808, ran as president two terms the second president did also. When Jefferson was running for president he actually wound up tied with Aaron Burr. How it usually went was that the person with the most votes was president and the second person was the vice-president. So to decide the president and the vice president a voting was held at the House of Representatives. After 35 tied ballots, the 36th ballot resulted in Thomas Jefferson becoming president and Arron Burr vice-President. Political parties were developing there were the Federalists and the Democrat-Republicans. Following the election, Congress realized the need for an amendment to approve the 12th amendment in 1803. The amendment did not change the electoral college or the election process, but simply changed how the president and vice president were chosen from the results. The amendment was announced rafted by 3/4 of the states in 1804. The details of the Marbury v. Madison are not very important, but what happened because of it was. It sets in place the Judicial Review. Aaron Burr was a well know political leader and so was Alexander Hamilton. They had a dual one day and Burr shot and killed Alexander. After that Burr was looked down upon and so he hid himself in his house. The Embargo Act in 1807, restricted exports from the United states. In 1807 the first steamboat was invented. It could carry passengers up and down the Northwest river in New York. The 17th state to enter the union was Ohio and it was a part of the Northwest Territory.

Two cities that served as the United States capital was in New York from 1785-1790. Then in 1790-1800 it was Philadelphia. Then in 1800 Washington D.C. was the U.S. capital. In the year of 1790 Congress established the Residence Act that was the result of a compromise reached between Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison concerning the permanent location of the Federal capital. Pierre L’ Enfant was appointed to design the capital city by President George Washington. The Greek and Roman cultures influenced the federal style architecture found in D.C. In 1801 the Federal Government officially moved to Washington D.C. Washington D.C. was named after the President George Washington, the D stands for District and the C stands for Columbia. So it’s Washington District Columbia. Three men that Congress appointed as commissioners to oversee the establishment of Washington D.C. was Thomas Johnson, Daniel Carroll, and David Stuart.

James Madison was 5’4” and only 100 pounds and because of that he couldn’t be in the military when the American revolution broke out. After he finished college at age 18, he went into the public office and was well known for how hard working he was. The Virginia Plan was supposed to be a starting point in the developments of the constitution. Madison is remembered as the “father” of the constitution and the Bill of Rights. Daniel Webster, John C. C Calhoun, and Henry Clay were all the senators that made up the “Great Triumvirate”. In 1812 Louisiana became a state and in 1816 Indiana became a state. Three ways that the British instigated the war of 1812 was imprisoning Americans in the Royal Navy, arming Native Americans to resist expanding settlement, and trade restrictions.

Two countries that America traded with the most in 1800 was France and the British. They were fighting in the Quasi War. The War Hawks were a group of Republican Congressmen who, at the end of the first decade of the 1800s, demanded that the United States declare war against Great Britain, invade British Canada, and expel the Spanish from Florida. Imprisoning Americans in the Royal Navy, arming Native Americans to resist expanding settlement, and trade restrictions were the reasons given to James Madison to go to war. After two years of minor battles, the British turned there full attention on America after they won the Battle of Waterloo. At the defense or Siege of Fort, the “Star Spangled Banner” was written as a poem and was soon transferred into a song that is our national anthem. The Treaty of Gert ended the war in on December of 1914. After the treaty was signed Andrew Jackson lead on the battle of “Old Hickory” and forced the British to retreat out of Louisiana entirely.

In the end the War of 1812 didn’t really change much in our society except that Americas and the British are coming closer together.


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