The Amendments to the Constitution

We should all know at least some of the Amendments. The word amend means to change. So when we amend the constitution we are changing it. I’m sure you have also had some questions about it. Well that’s why I am here to answer those questions like; What is the purpose of the Amendments? Who passes the amendments? When do recommendations become Amendments?

What is the purpose of the Amendments? The purpose of the amendments is to seek to protect our rights. Also to allow us to be full members of our nation. Along with that it protects our rights. To further change the constitution for the better. Additionally to prevent some abuses that Parliament had fallen into before the Revolutionary War. They are also legal definitions of certain rights. They change the law to accommodate to our growing country. Like how in the 1600’s slaves were legal but in 1865 the 13th Amendment banned slavery. Even though slaves were very helpful, they were put against their will to work for other people. That is why they decided to make an Amendment against slavery, but that took time and votes. Which brings me to my next subject.

Who passes the Amendments. Well there are actually two different ways to get your Amendment passed. First you have to get two-thirds of both the house and the senate vote yes. Or if 2/3 of the States call a conviction. Then after one of the two happen either three-fourths of the State Legislatures ratify it. Or if ¾ of the States vote for it. Then there it is another amendment for the book. Then that also leads me to the next question.

When do recommendations become amendments. This is kind of like the last question, but it is different trust me. So first someone thinks that a part of the constitution need changing so they write an Amendment to be proposed by Congress. Then Congress will introduce it to the legislative bodies. Senators and representatives will debate the amendment. Then the Senate house and the Representatives have to approve by 2/3. The time limit is about 7 years no further. Then the person will send in their approved amendment to the states for ratification. Then ¾ of the state ratifies the amendment the constitution will be amended. Then they will certify the amendment with the National Archives and publish it in the Federal Register. Then that leads me to my last paragraph.

Why do we amend the Constitution? If you remember from the top amend means to change. So the reason why we amend the Constitution is because we progress and get smarter. Like in 1920, the 19th Amendment passed saying that women had a right to vote. Or in 1971, 18 year old were allowed to vote. Why could they fight and die for our country and yet still not vote. When were changing the constitution it has to be with good reasoning. It can’t just be because you want it to you have to make other people see your way and think your way. It also helps fix the original document and it amends the rights of the people.

Now I know more about the amendments. Like why we have them, what the

purpose is, who passes them, and why we amend the constitution. Knowing your rights can help you in almost anything.


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