This week I learned about Navigation. Supporting Navigation is GPS, Maps, and the Compass.

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. It used to be only used by the military but is now freely used by the public. Even now the GPS is getting better. When using a GPS always have a clear view of the sky or else you wont be able to get a signal. To get a signal you need at least 4 satellites in view and you need 6 satellites at the most,GPS can help you figure out where you are going. Where your at, and everything in between.

You need to know how to read a map. You will also want an up-to-date map so if the terrain features change, it will be on the map. Also, know your start, terrain features change, it will be on the map. Also, know the legend and how to connect one with a map. You should always know your start, any landmarks or terrain features in between, and your destination.

You should know how to hold a compass correctly. Have a straight back, feet forward, arms at your waist, and the compass flat in your hands. Then began moving in the direction of your destination. It is important to know the abbreviation meanings for North, East, South, and West. Locate your starting point, any landmarks or terrain features, and your destination. You need to know the declination of True North and Magnetic North. It is different all over the U.S. so figure out what yours is.

In the end GPS is now open to the public, Maps are getting better and better, and the compass is still helping us find our way.


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