Finding a Missing Person

This week I learned about how to find a missing person. Whether it’s my your attitude or the missing persons,You’ll know how to find find them without freaking out.

Attitude is a manner or feeling regarded to a person or thing especially of the mind. Meaning that as long as you tell yourself that your happy you will be. SAR operations can be physically and mentally exhausting. That is why every four to six hours you would need a break from all that hard searching. SAR operations require a Positive Mental Attitude. If your going on an operation you should know your physical and mental limitations. SAR events are an emergency. Establishing a good perimeter on where to search is probably for the best. People tend to walk four miles an hour. When looking for a missing person, there are different types of clues to be looking for. Physical clues like footprint for example. Documentary clues like a park registration. Testimonial clues like information from witnesses. Events like location aids, flashlight or a whistle. Analytical like what clues I have made from my other clues.


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