The American Revolution

The American Revolutionary War began in North America. The American colonist were used to doing things for themselves. So when things got rough the Americans fixed those problems themselves instead of waiting for the British to fix it for them. After the British won the French and Indian war the Colonist went back to their normal lives with one major difference, the British were in dept.

To help with their money problem They taxed the colonist of America. The Americans had no say it so this frustrated them. The Sugar Act, in 1764, taxed sugar. Then there was the Stamp Act, in 1765, that taxed all legal documents, newspapers, and pamphlets. The colonist didn’t like these new taxes and they called a Stamp Act Congress to protest against the British. The next year Britain got rid of the Stamp Act, but the damage was done. Americans learned that they could get an act removed and they also learned how hard it was. Another act was the Tea act in 1773, stating that Americans could only buy their tea from one company The British East Company. No matter how much the tea cost if the colonist wanted tea they would have to buy it there. This was an outrage the colonist declared. That’s why on December 16,1773 the Sons of Liberty, a resistance group, dressed up as Indians and went to the British ships and dumped 323 whole crates of British tea.

On April 19, 1775 the British march to Concord starts at two AM. When the British got to Concord they started destroying stock piles but were soon overpowered by the Concord military at North Bridge. Then at Lexington there was the “shot herd round the world”. Then the colonist herd that the British were planing on taking Breed’s and Bunker Hills so they defended it in advance. Even though they lost the hills they American colonist learned that they could fight almost on a level of the British Navy. The Olive Branch Petition sought for a cease fire with the British in exchange for removing the Intolerable Act of 1774. King George III dismissed the petition and declared the colonist in a rebellion.

Then there was the Boston massacre on March 5, 1770. That’s when colonist were harassing British soldiers by throwing rocks, sticks and snowballs at the British soldiers. The British fired, killing 5 and wounding 6. Then in 1774 the Boston Port Act was issued. That closed down th Boston Port until off of the 323 crates of tea were found. Then they started having secret meetings. Many people wanted war, but the leaders knew it would be a risky battle. Then Battles started happing all over the place and the British kept winning. Desperate to win George Washington lead his men across the Delaware River on Christmas night 1776 and won at Trenton, New Jersey. The British were still to strong. At Saratoga only one British General was there to fight, General John Bergeyre. He fought even though more Generals and their army’s were supposed to show up. In the end he had to surrender most of his army. Because of this the world took notice especially France who started to help the Americans after that. A few months after that in 1777 is was so cold that 1/5 of the American men died.

The British turned South. The British took Savannah, Georgia in December of 1778. The American colonist tried to take it back but failed and suffered many casualties. They still fought on. After the British gain in the South , their victories didn’t matter. Yes, the British did keep wining all the battles, but the Americans never gave up. In October of 1780 American forces defeated the British, capturing 1/3 of the British Army in just 65 minutes. Then America won again at Cow pens, South Carolina and they had the British on the run. The French decided to pitch in an put men on land and at sea. The French and Americans had the British surrender. Cornwallis, the British commander in the south, surrenderer his army to George Washington on October 19,1781. Then came the treaty of Paris in 1783. America now had it’s independence.

Americas could now move freely across the Appalachian Mountains. They could also gain more land for themselves. Even though they didn’t know it America would soon be the most influential country in the world.


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