Chapter 5

I wake up the next morning to people talking near my door.

“…she might get out of hand. She just now learned what she can do and now she thinks that she can protect us all.” One lady says. She sounds young.

“Your right.” It’s Jason “But she holds great magic better than yours and it is time for me to wake her so if you would.”

“fine I need to do my chores any way.” she walked away.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do” Jason said in a hushed voice. “I need to break the news to her that we have to leave today so that we can go on a quest to find her father’s secret journal that will tell us were her mother is but her dad forgot where he put it. Now that sounds crazy.”

“You don’t have to.” I said

“Sarah?” he opened the door slowly. “How much did you hear?”

“Enough to know that you know a… young lady that might hold magic and she does not “approve” of me and also that we have to go on a magic quest which does sound a bit crazy.” I replied

“Yea that so called young lady is a big jerk and only cares about herself and I still can’t believe we were friends before I left to find you. Oh and she’s your sister Helena.”

“Wa… What” I stuttered “she was supposed to be dead as an infant.”

“I know it was a set up because someone was trying to kill her so we had to hide her here.” He explains to me.

“I’m getting a headache. Nope never mind it’s a migraine.”

“Just don’t think about it any way we should be on our way.”

“Huh? Oh! Sorry. I just thought I heard footsteps.”

“Ya did.” some one behind be says.

I instinctively brought my hand around to hit him without knowing myself that I would do that, but he caught my hand inches from his face.

“I’m so sorry.” I said.

“No because if you were you wouldn’t have to apologizes.” He said.

“Sorry.” I said again. “Who are you.”

he smiled but the smile never reached his eyes. His eyes were cold. “My name is Adam. Adam Drayton. Your highness.”

“Don’t call me that.” I practically growled at him. “ I never wanted to be a preaty princess. Get it.”

‘Got it”

“Good. Now if you don’t mind… you know what I don’t care if you mind.” I smiled a fake smile “Move, I have a mission to follow.”

“Okay.” He smiled again “Your Majesty.”

I glared at him and when I passes by him I stomped on his foot.

“Ow!” he grabbed his foot and started jumping

As we walked away Jason grabbed my shoulder and shook me back and forth and back and forth until I thought I was going to puke.

“What was that for! Do you know who that was.” he yelled at me.

“Apparently not.” I yelled back felling even more frustrated.

“That was my older brother. The future king. He just says that he has now ‘legally’ changed his last name. Why can’t you do anything right.” he said and left me standing there in shock.

The future king. I stomped on the future kings foot. I ran back to were I left Adam, but when I got there he was walking away. “Adam!” I yelled.

“What you want to come back and stomp on my foot again.”

“I’m really sorry about that it’s just that I’m new to this whole royalty thing and I don’t really like it. I mean there are so many rules and what not to do and what to do. It’s just so frustrating.”

he smiled” I know how it feels I’m only 17 and they already expect so much of me.”

“Okay you got me beat.” I said holding up both my hands in surrender.

“Well I have to go jousting maybe you and Jason can come watch me.”

“Sure I would love to.” I said “oh wait. No. I can’t sorry. This stupid mission to find out my dad’s hidden secret.”

“It’s not stupid besides when you come back you will be the first girl to ever come back alive.”

“If I come back alive.”

“You will. Trust me. I know how Aurthur was and I can see a lot of him in you so good luck.”

Then a horn blew in the distance.

“orry I have to go” we both said at the same time. Then we smiled and left.


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