The Seven years war

Started when Australia broke its alliance with Brittan and then with a few skirmishes in North America. Then there was also the battles of Jumonville Glen, Fort Necessity, and the battle of Monongahela that didn’t help with the conflicts. It was Australians and the French opposing Prussia and Brittan. Even though these little fights broke out in 1754-1755 the war wasn’t declared until 1756. Once the war was declared France immediately took over British island of Minorca in the Mediterranean sea. Then Prussia made an alliance with the British. Prussia didn’t want to look undependable so they struck out against Saxony and Austria. Saxony was a politically neutral so it was over run pretty quickly by Prussia. Austria on the other hand set in motion there armies with France and Russia and after four crawling years they finally beat back the Prussians.

In 1760 Sweden and Portugal fought in the New World but nothing drastic changed. Sweden fought with Russia against Portugal until Both the Russians and the Swedish arranged peace in 1762. When Sweden, Portugal, and Spain where pulled into the war they actually played much smaller parts in the war compared to the other countries. Other countries that were dragged into the war was the Caribbeans, South America, India, the Philippians and west Africa.

When Prussia was pushed to the brink of destruction Brittan and the determination of their king was the thing that saved them.

Florida changed hands from the Spanish to the Caribbean. The Portuguese captured two of South America’s Forts but then gave them back after the war.

During 1759 they had almost no success. Up until 1759 the British played a very vague part in the war. They had no success when they went to the Philippines. Then in 1759 There was a string of victories from the British that extended beyond North America and continued `till the end of the war. They conquered Senegal from west Africa in the war. During that time the British obtained New France, Florida, several Caribbean islands, India and Senegal in the finishing years of the war. In India they had their best success yet With the new additions to the British there navy was even stronger than before. With there new found power the British vanquished the French fleet and repossesses there right as the commander of the sea, but when the British had a winning streak the French had a losing streak. They kept losing battle after battle.

The treaty of Pairs was the treaty that ended the war. After the Treaty of Paris in 1763 they returned Europe to quo ante bellum or to the way it looked before the conflict.

Even though it is unsatisfactory they also call the seven year war the first world war. In the end Britain won the most in territory terms. They were on top again. The French lost their navy and a good part of their colony to the war.


3 thoughts on “The Seven years war

  1. Let me point a few things out (not to be mean or anything)…

    Wrong: Australia, Australians
    Right: Austria, Austrians

    During this time Australia wasn’t even colonized by Britain yet (before colonization Australia was slit between a whole bunch of tribes collectivley known as the Aboriginies) Australia gained independence in 1901; almost 140 years after the Seven Years’ War ended. Its a common mistake that I used to make too.

    Also South America, West Africa, India, the Carribbean Islands, and the Philippines weren’t countries at this time but instead theaters or places where the war happened. (S. America, West Africa, and the Carribbean Islands are a whole bunch of countries today). These regions were occupied by one or more European power at the time.

    India : Britain, France, and various kingdoms

    Philippines: Spain

    S. America: Spain and Portugal

    Carribbean Islands: Mostly Spain with France, Britain, and the Netherlands also owning certain parts.

    West Africa: British and French Settlements.

    In additon (I am done with the errors, just wanted to clear a few things up) the Seven Years’ War had some groud for being the first World War or Global Conflict. The war had more theaters (regions in which the war was fought) than World War I, even though there were some minor ones (in similarity to WWI). Also Winston Churchill, Britain’s Prime Minister through most of WWII, including during the bombing of London, noted that the Seven Years’ War was the first global war.


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