All About Me

Katlynn Hanks



Do you know me? Do you really know me? Or did you just happen to come across this? Well either if you think that you know me or you’re just here to get to know me here are some details about my life.

First of all is my name so Hi my name is Katlynn Hanks. Also to know me you have to know what I look like. Right? I have brown and green hazel eyes, I have long brown hair, I have tan skin (since I am part Native American), and I just got some brown and blue glasses. I’m also very petite, I’m five foot one, thirteen years old and only ninety pounds. I am religious with the LDS church and I love going there. The people there are super nice and every Sunday expect the first Sunday of the month (that’s fast Sunday) We get some kind of treat like rice crispy treats, gummy worms, gummy bears or even candy (I’m making my self hungry.)

Second to really get to know me you have to know my likes. Just in case you decide to give me something you’ll know what I like. Well lets see now. I like to read books but they have to be non fiction or else there no fun and I can handle science fiction (I learned that from English). On top of that I like to swim, bike and run and then with those three I like to do triathlons not the kid ones any more (I’m to old for them) I do them with my dad in front of everyone. My dad was the only one there for some good portion of my younger life so I like to do a lot of things with him. I’m also like to write so that is why I am writing my own book. It is called Aurthur’s Secret. I’m also very agreeable with the colors red, black and wight. Even tho I’m really active and love to run until I can’t run anymore I’m also very lazy and stubborn. If you tell me to do something that I don’t want to do I will try to find every possible way to get out from doing it.

Since you know my likes you have to know my dislikes. You know just in case you can’t find any thing on my “Yes” list now you can look at my “No” list. First of all I don’t like the color pink. I will wear it on occasions but it is near the bottom of my favorite colors. I also dislike rude people some of them need to learn the difference of being funny and being a jerk. I hate sushi. I have tried it once and I was sick for about a week. I’m never touching that again. Like I said before I’m lazy and under lazy I say “No weeds!” I do not like pulling weeds. Have you ever had a book that was so bad you wanted to throw it away? Well those are the kind of books that I absolutely despise. I also don’t like to be told things to do that I don’t like. The last thing that I think most of you will agree with me is I do not like it when my sisters whine and get away with things.

The last thing that I would like you to know about me is my crazy family. Try to follow along. So I have my birth mom named Sarah and my birth dad named Tom made me. Okay? Then they got divorced. My birth mom had another daughter and her name is Olivia. Then my birth dad remarried to Becca and they had two daughters that are Hannah (she’s the oldest of the two.) and Tabitha ( she is the baby of us all.) I don’t have a step dad and I don’t know if I ever will.

Well now weather you wanted to or not you now know me. Yes you really know me now.


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