Water, Signaling, and Travel

This week I learned about water, signaling, and travel. The first part of it was water and how you can take your body weight divide it by two and the transfer the pounds into ounces and that is how much water you should be drinking daily and more if your active. There are over 50 trillion cells in your body. Two thirds of your body is water, and three fourths of that water is in your cells. When your in the desert try to find shade if possible so you don’t get to hot. To purify water you can boil it, use iodine, or water purification tablets.

The next thing that I learned about was signaling. You can use flares, a signaling mirror, a glow stick (during the night) or a whistle. When signaling you need to find an area that is easy to spot. You can clear a way vegetation or other thing that might be in your way. Hold attention until they signal you or indicate that they see you. Another way to signal is by using color. Where a wight shirt in the Forrest, dark clothing in winter, and royal blue can attract attention against all environments. If you wave a flag wave it slowly. Spell out SOS or HELP using rocks or sticks. You can fasten a red flag on top of a tree. At night use fire and smoke. To make black smoke you use rubber, oil, pitch or pitch wood. For wight smoke use wet vegetation, moss, ferns,green leaves or grass.

The last thing I learned about was travel. One way that I learned to tell witch way to go without a compass was the stick and shadow method. What you do is stick a stick into the ground and draw a line in the dirt for where the shadow is then in ten to fifteen minutes later you draw the shadow again and say that the shadow moves to the left then left is west. During the night you can find the biog dipper and the bottom left corner will line up with the handle of the little dipper and at the end handle of the little dipper is the north star and no matter what that star will point north. Before you travel you need to prepare. Stay in a good physical shape. Eat healthy and stay hydrated act like if a disaster is going to happen tomorrow. If you do get lost find a path of least resistance. Set a good walking pace for yourself. Rest every ten minutes per hour. Don’t go over a river try to find an alternative path, but I f you have to make sure there are either animal tracks, vegetation, or both. If you do get lost you have to remember to stay calm.


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