Southeast Asia and Oceania

On a map you can find southeast Asia and Oceania in the bottom right hand corner. On a map of Southeast Asia from around 1000 AD there are a lot of islands that are only partly owned and most of it isn’t owned by any one. The island that are owned are owned by native Asians. Some of the countries that started colonizing in parts of Southeast Asia were the Europeans, Dutch, British, and Spain. Oceania includes Australia, New Zealand, and the pacific ocean islands. The largest island in Oceania is Australia and the people who are native there are the Aborigines. The second largest is New Zealand and the people who are native there are the Maori. The European nation that invested in colonizing Australia and New Zealand is Great Brittan. We as a nation do not know why the easter island heads are on the pacific islands, but we think that they used by chieftains to establish their status among their people.

A person known as James Cook was one of the first explorers from the Untied Kingdom to explore the pacific oceans. He had three explorations to the pacific islands. During the first expedition he became the first recorded European to have crossed the eastern coastline. In his second expedition he

Katlynn Hanks



almost encountered the mainland of Antarctica, but turned towards Tahiti to resupply his ship. On his third and final trip he tried to take the king home with him, but the people prevented this by killing him. That was only a brief history of James Cook.


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