My Favorite Hobby

My favorite hobby would have to be running. I do it so often it’s hard not to like it. I’m doing cross country and my coach acts like if she needs me. I’m not the fastest runner but I still am pretty fast. I also do triathlons and I got first in my age group the last time I did it. Im also planning on doing some 5k’s like the zombie run and the turkey trot. Then in the spring I’m going to do track. Mainly the 100 meter dash, 100 meter hurdles, mile run and the long jump. I hope that this year it wont rain during my run and that no one can pick me up after and that I don’t have to walk home while it is raining. I’m planning on trying to get second place by the end of the cross country year. I’m also hoping to track. Hopefully the hundred meter hurdles or the hundred meter dash. If I can I’m also hoping to place at least fifth in the mile run.

Another one of my favorite hobbies is playing games. I like playing racing games on my gamecube like Groove Rider Slot Car Thunder and Need for speed Most Wanted. I’m not very good at either, but I still like playing them. I play them on my free time or at least when I can. I also like playing on my DS. My favorite game is Pokemon Y. I have already beaten the game I just have to figure out how to restart the game so I can do it again and again and again. My Pokemon that I first got was Delphox. She’s physic and fire type. She also knows some fighting moves to. She goes through three stages the first stage she looks like a little girl. In the second she looks like a teenager. In the third she looks like a woman. I can train with my Pokemon and it is tons of fun. According to the game my Delphox of fireball as I call her really trusts me. If you where wondering Yes I do love the Pokemon game. To me it kinda feels like I’m raising my own animal I guess since I did get to pick it out.


One thought on “My Favorite Hobby

  1. Hey there!
    Really enjoyed your essay on your favorite hobby. I actually love doing track, it’s my favorite sport. I did it last year in the spring and loved it. I’m one of those runners who are fast, but can’t run for an extreme long time. I did the hurdles too.

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