chapter 4 part one

Oh Jason. Come on out,” The king cried “Come on Jason we don’t have all day I know your here so please hurry. You know I had to leave a very important meeting to come and get you so come out and bring Sarah here to ,”

I looked over at Jason and he looked really worried. How does the king know I’m here and how does he know me.

Jason pulls me out from the cover of the bushes. “Yep it’s her and she holds magic. Strong magic,” he replied flatly. “She made us see ghosts, she has already learned how to walk through things, and she made us fly, and not even I can do that.”

I hold magic? And what about my mom? Why is the room fading. As I feel my legs grow weak I try to sit but my legs seem to have a mind of their own as they let me fall I try to grab something but there is nothing to hold on to and just as I feel like I am going to hit the ground strong hands catch me I just barely get to see that is was Jason.

When I wake up I’m laying in a bed with soft, golden sheets. “How long was I out?” I asked Jason.

“What? Oh, 3 days.” he replied.

“Sorry” I mumbled

“Don’t apologize.” he said “It’s kinda my fault you see… well… I made it so you thought you were dead but you actually weren’t and I knew I needed you out of the house so I could tell you your prophesy . Also that your the daughter of King Aurthur and my cousin. Your a Pendragon Sarah,” Jason said in a rush never meeting my steady gaze.

“Wait a second so your my cousin, I’m a Kings Aurthur’s daughter, my so called parents aren’t actually my parents, and you made me think I was dead!” I huffed

“See your catching on quick,” he joked weakly.

“Umm, I need to go take a shower,” I tried

“What about seeing my dad. Your uncle.” He did a sly smile.

I knew he was playing “Yea but I have to look presentable.” “Idiot,” I think to myself.

He smiled even bigger “Now that’s not very nice,” He thought back

“Get out of my head,” I told him.

“Why should I and oh, who is this,” He chuckled “Really him why him I should go let let my dad know,” He started to leave towards the door.

“Don’t you dare,” I said and ran and tackled him.

“I wont. I wont,” He laughed.

“Your such a brat,” I said and laughed along with him. “you know I’m a lot happier now than I was when I was with my mom. I’m not tying to be rude or a kiss up its just I never had very many friends who actually knows more than just what I tell them you know?”

“Yea I actually do,” he said with those still pretty eyes. Uh. I’m still at it.

Just then the king came in and said “Well I see you two are getting acquainted. But at the same time there is a bigger problem at hand.”

“What is is, father?” Jason asked a little to insolently.

“The prophecy.” the king replied.

“Wait. What prophecy?” I asked

“Jason didn’t tell you? Oh well,” the king went on “The one where a great goddess will come and rescue us from the eternal darkness and I or we think it is you.”

“Is that why you brought me here just to tell me that I need to save the world and then ship me back home?” I asked.

“No we’re going to do all of that and then hand you off to your father. Your real father,” Jason said.

“Sounds pleasing,” I growled.

“Don’t be like that Sarah ,” The king replied

“ You know I don’t know much about you so lets start with what is your name?” I asked the king.

“Oh sorry my name is King Kay, King Arther’s foster brother,” King Kay replied with a slight bow.

“Please don’t bow,” I say putting my hands up in defense “I don’t want to be a princess I just wanted an adventure. Not some lame old castle to live in and sit around all day bossing people around.”

“No one said it would be easy,” Jason resorted “But mo matter what happens I will always be hear for you,” he replied with a smile. “But now we need to have you so lets go and get ready for the war so lets get you all suited up and practice with a sword.”


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