Chapter 4 part 2

After I learned about swords we finally got to have some action. I went up against one of my (so called) dad’s old friends. He clams to wanted to stop by to say hi to the king but I think other ways. His name is Lancelot.

So Lancelot tells me how to hold the wooden sword and let me tell you it is not light. How do they make this wood so heavy? So after I get a good grip on it Lancelot says “Okay kid I know your new to this so I’ll take it easy on you,”

Did he just call me kid? He is going to get it.

I start to circle him and he throws the first swing. I block it and pain shoots up through my hands into my arms but I’m not going to back down now. We start to go back and forth me striking then him. I step back, wipe the sweat from my face, and the go back in. He goes for my head and I dive out of the way (while doing an awesome ninja role.)

Okay lets go inside,” Lancelot says

I go kick him in the knee. He falls to the ground the fake sword flies from his hands I hold my sword to his chest “Checkmate. Swordsmanship lesson 1: never leave your guard down.” I take my fake sword away from his chest and help in up.

You have a strong foot there.” He says “Use it”

Will do.” I reply

We walk back toward the castle. Then I saw something a out of the corner of my eye it moved to fast to tell who or what is was I just know it looked like a shadow.

Did you see that?” I asked Lancelot.

See what? No, let me guess a strange fast moving shadow?” he said with sarcasm in his voice.

How did you know?” I asked

What your serious? We need to go. Now!” he said, picked me up and sprinted to the castle. “Go inside hurry.”

I looked at him and then behind him I saw it again.“Lancelot look out”

I saw a sword on the side leaning against the castle I picked it up and was about to charge when Lancelot said “Look out!” and tackled me. Then a ball of, I don’t know like energy or something, whizzed passed over our head but when it was about to go into the castle grounds Jason came out and slashed that ball in half.

Get her inside the castle, safely.” Lancelot said.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Jason said. “Come on Sarah!” He took my hand, helped me up and we ran back to the castle. “ Sarah you might not like to use your magic but now is a time that we need to.”

I took a deep breath “Okay I’m ready.”

We need to put a protection spell on it. It was one of the basics but we need to do it to all the castle and the people.”

I’m ready.” I replied as strongly as I could sound. It must have worked because the next thing I knew we where casting the spell. “I could use some help.” I struggled to even say that much.

Sorry.” I heard a voice in my head and it sounded an offal lot like Jason’s voice. “You are just doing so well on your own I just stopped.”

You stopped!” I replied, angry “so I have been doing this all on my own.”

Um… Yea…but listen I’ve tried to put a protection spell over just one room and could barely manage. Then here you are first time doing this and you are doing it all on your own. You are the chosen one.” he said the last sentence out loud.

What is up with all this chosen one stuff any way. I mean I’m no chosen one but Jason might be.


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