About me

As you can guess my name is Katlynn Hanks. I am 13 years old (I turned 13 in July. Yea!) I have a birth mom named Sarah Boyd(she lives in Oklahoma). I also have a step-mom  named Rebecca Hanks. My dad’s name is Tomas Hanks. I have two adorable little sisters named Hannah (she’s turning 5 in August) and Tabitha (or Pata/Pata tongue.)  (she turned 3 in June). And i also have a third sister (from my birth mom) name Olivia (she turned 4 March). I did home school for part of 3rd, all of 4th, and part of 5th and now I am doing it again for 8th. Oh and a little dog to. His name is scruffy

DSCF0145.Screenshot from 2014-08-13 12:47:48

here is a link to my mom’s blog~ https://rebeccahanks.wordpress.com


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