Chapter 2

Chapter 2

As I hurry to get away from that dreadful house I hear someone say “Hey!” I look back and there she is the girl I’ve been looking for.

“Hey!” she says again “Where are you going to?”

It’s her. It’s really her. “Your. . . Your. . .” I start but then she cuts me off and says.

“A ghost. I know I found out today to actually not to long ago. So where are you going to?”

A ghost what is she, oh it was the spell I put on that last house. Oops. “ Umm. I don’t know just away,” I stick my hands in my pockets and look down because shame has made my face red.

“Mind if I join you?” she says in a honey sweet voice.

“There’s nothing stopping you,” I reply

“Hey what’s your name?” she says

“Jason, and you?” I ask.

“Sophia. Nice to meet you.”

“You to,” I reply. You have know idea I thought to myself

After an hour or so I ask “Can you walk through stuff?”

“Excuse me?” she says.

If she really is a ghost she can walk through stuff right?

“Can you walk through stuff?” I ask again.

“Um I don’t know… but I guess I could try,” She sees a tree just ahead so she gets the courage to walk through it but then she just bumped into it. “Ow!” She says as she falls to the grass.

I start laughing.

“Be quiet!” She say as she slams her fist into the ground. “Your the one who brought it up,” I’m still laughing so she tries to throw a stick at me but when she tries to pick up the stick it goes right through her hand. “What the heck!” she says.

“What is it?” I asks trying not to laugh.

“The stick. It went through my hand,” As she stands up she looks at the tree again and walk towards it. When she get close enough to it she touched it and hand goes through it.”Ha. My hand. It went trough it. It went trough it,” she yells.

“Maybe you have to express strong feeling, but it was pretty funny,” I laughs some more.

“I guess it was pretty funny,” she pull her hand out of the tree. “Oh. Hello Mrs. Black,” she says.

“Who are you talking to?” I ask wondering if my spell did any thing to her brain.

“Mrs. Black. Who else would I be talking to? Can’t you see them?” she asks?

“I only thought it was you and me,” I’m confused now.

She looks over at something and she’s nodding like if someone or something is talking to her.

“I’ll try to convince him” she says.

“Try to convince me?” I ask.

“Do you really want to see the ghosts?” She asks.

“Yea. Why?” I reply slowly.

“Well if you do you have to hold my hand,” she say.

I try to hold in a laugh she really thinks I’ll fall for that old trick, but then I see something a shadow. In the shape of a person who is definitely not there. I look her in the eyes and say “Okay. I guess.”

So I take her hand in mine and I gasp there are so many ghosts and maybe I did mess her head up but I guess it was for the best.

We went on a little path and she pointed out a few things.

“That’s where I got donuts from and over there is where I went shopping for dresses with my mom,” She sits on the side walk. “Your still holding my hand,”

“I know.” I turn and looked at her. She still believes it.

“Well is in it cold?” she asks.

“Yea but after a wile you get used to it,” I bite my lip trying to hold in a laugh.

“Lets start walking again,” I say.

“Yea we should. Hey look we are almost to the edge of the forest,” she says.

“I didn’t know that, what what was your towns name again?” I asked.

“Lyion,” she replies.

“Well I didn’t know that Lyion had a forest.” I replied

“Most people don’t know about Lyion at all,” she looks at the ground.

“Why.” I asked my father once, but never told me.

“Well we used to be a happy town,” she starts. “Not many people would stop and look at it or even go trough it. We never got much attention from any one, not even the king.”

“Wow I didn’t know that. If I could have I would have helped,” Oops I said too much. “But how does this explain how not very people know about your town those people did right.”

“Stop interrupting, I’m getting there, and right. So as I was saying not even the king paid much attention so it was shocking when guards came and took both men and boys away. That was when my father got taken away,” All the sudden she gets distracted “Run!” she yells as she drags me along twisting and turning and then all of a sudden were flying.

“ It’s an Amork .” She says.


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