Arthur’s secret

Chapter 1

“Knock, knock knock!” That’s what I hear when I wake up.

“Why is it so cold in here?” I think to myself.

Knock, knock knock! “I’ll be there in a second!” I shout. Knock, knock knock! Maybe they want to come in.”Come in,” I say. Nothing.

The door slowly opens. My mom opens the door and gasps when she sees me.

“What, what is it?” I say.

She starts to cry. As I go to comfort her I fell so light… too light. I look back on my bed and see a beautiful girl. She has long and elegant brown hair, lips blood red, a blue nightgown with lace at the bottom, and a lifeless face just staring into nowhere.

I gasp and stare at my self and think “how did this happen? This wasn’t supposed to happen. I have or had a long life to live but now it is all ruined just ruined. And I had a wedding to go to I was going to be a brides maid but now… just want to scream,” then I can’t hold it in any longer “ Ahh.

After I calmed down a bit I go to comfort my mom, she shudders and looks toward the window. It’s closed. It’s almost like if I am just a gust of wind to her.

I look at my self in my full length mirror and I’m nowhere to be found.


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